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Dustless Blasting Revives!

Tired of your scrappy old car?  Being able to see what is below the layers of old paint and corrosion is usually impossible. How do you best tackle this? It is a fact that rebuilding and restoring a vehicle of any sort is a very challenging task. For such demanding projects, blasting is the best solution and a very inexpensive procedure, especially when it comes to stripping rust, grease, paint and oil from the steel body, and bringing your car back to life!

Dustless Blasting – The Efficient Method!

Dustless blasting is considered as one of the most efficient methods of blasting with the least amount of losses. In contrast with other types of blasting procedures, dustless blasting is a safer, more secure and more reliable technique for your fragile vehicle surface. This procedure utilizes either a squashed glass or garnet abrasive blended in with water to strip away paint and different substances sans the risks associated with the more common sandblasting method. The presence of water acts as a residue suppressant, fundamentally smothering any airborne contaminants.

Steps Involved

Dustless auto blasting a simple and straight-forward procedure, in which firstly the car owner has to figure out which parts of the vehicle body need to be blasted. In the first step, paint, primer, rust and body fillers are blasted and your car is stripped back to bare metal! Without the use of any harmful chemicals, this is often a safer procedure for your automobile, the substrate, as well as the environment, making this method the perfect blasting technique for a wide range of applications.

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At Dustless Blasting Services, we offer surface blasting and restoration services for personal automobiles, commercial vehicles, delivery vans, small trucks, bikes and delicate metallic auto body parts including wheel rims, motorcycle frames and engine components.