Dustless Blasting Services

Dustless Blasting Services is similar to Sand Blasting but without the MESS. We are 100% Mobile Abrasive Blasting Solution who restore and prepare surfaces.

Established in Perth – Western Australia. Since 2013, we continue to grow our Services throughout Fremantle, Mandurah, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Rockingham, just to name a few.

Call and see how affordable removing Rust, Paint, and Anti-foul really is.

Painted Line Marking Removal

Painted Line Marking Removal is easy with Dustless Blasting.

Our Abrasive Blasting methods strips away unwanted coatings, stains and corrosion from any surface type.

We Blast; Cars | Boats | Earthmoving Equipment | Industrial Equipment | Brickwork | Asphalt and so much more.


Dustless Blasting is perfect for the Automotive Industry – Removing Rust and Paint from Cars, Utes, Trucks, and Buses.

Road Line Marking & Graffiti Removal

Road Line Marking & Graffiti Removal is no match for Dustless Blasting Western Australia, we remove paint easy!


Professional and Affordable Dustless Blasting for Anti fouling Removal and Marine Restoration Projects.

Refinery & Industrial

Dustless Blasting should be your first choice for Refinery, Mines and Industrial projects in Western Australia.

Wood Restoration

Dustless Blasting is the perfect solution for Wood Restoration projects, because we can come to your location for projects large and small.

Metal Restoration

A Dustless Blasting Service that removes Rust, Paint from all metal surfaces leaving a smooth ready to paint finish.


Check Out the Before and After Shots. Nothing Restores Surfaces as good as Dustless Blasting.

Client Testimonials

Your dustless blasting service saved me big time! Ken I think your too cheap because the sand blasters use to charge me double the amount. Telling all the boys about your service so I hope it helps. All the best and I will be in touch again soon. Thanks again!

Hi Ken, Slightly concerned but I am very pleased we went through with the job. Now convinced this is the only way to remove graffiti at an affordable rate. I think local council needs to hear about your Dustless Blasting Service Ken? all the best and thanks again.

We no longer Sand Blast in house, we get Ken in to do it all.  Dustless Blasting is really amazing how there is no dust and you can blast anything anywhere. Dustless blasting saves us time so we make more money. Awesome CHEERS!

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