Surface Rust Removal Perth - Restore Metal Surfaces

Dustless Blasting Services is Perth’s leading Rust Removal specialist that is mobile and ready to take on those large surface areas where rust has begun to invade. When replacement is not an option you need to consider Dustless Blasting which will remove the rust fast and effectively with no effort from you, simply call Ken, and he will sort it out.

Dustless Blasting Services is a mobile Rust Removal Service, performing onsite rust removal without any toxic chemicals, and is fully compliant with environmental regulations through state of the art technology called dustless blasting. With decades of Abrasive Blasting experience, owner and operator Ken knows precisely how to achieve the best possible outcome that is fast and guarantees impressive smooth finishes in every case.

Dustless Blasting Services offers an effective method that restores objects of any size where the surface rust is starting to develop and requires removing or a protective treatment to prevent further corrosion. Ken works with many different types of Industries, delivering results that speak for themselves; there is no surface heating or wrapping like sandblasting.

Most of our clients speechless about the final results based on the overall speed and affordability of our Rust removal process. Contact Ken, our rust removal expert so he can guide you through the simple process of restoring metal to its original state.